Roxburgh Park Community Church

Roxburgh Park Community Church

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(Affiliated with Churches of Christ in Vic.- Tas.) Our church is located on the northern fringes of suburban Melbourne, Australia - one of the world's most liveable cities. We are a vibrant multi-cultural church with more than twenty nationalities represented.


Valiant Man

Valiant Man is an excellent 10-week journey for men who want to learn sexual discipleship. It is a life-changing journey!

 The program is designed to strengthen and restore the moral and spiritual integrity of men. It will challenge you to be willing to fight for your own moral and spiritual vitality, and to help other men fight for theirs. Week by week through this amazing journey you will grow in understanding, resolve and spiritual strength and authority.

Participant Feedback 

"Thank you for helping me as a man understand why the struggles I've always dealt with I couldn't beat alone.  To understand the root of these things and to have the tools to now be victorious makes me so much happier and at peace with myself." 

"Excellent course, very grateful to get a logical/mental understanding of a physical challenge.  This course is a must for all men."

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